Complementary Afterimage

Stare at the top of the red dildo for 30 seconds. Try to keep your eye fixed on one spot and donít move them around. After 30 seconds, quickly shift your gaze to the ring of the dildo harness and you will see a ghostly image of a blue-green dildo floating in front of the figure. Rest your eyes for a minute, then stare at the green dildo for 30 seconds. What color dildo do you see when you look at the harness?


How it works:  Your retina has two types of light receptors, rods and cones. The cones most sensitive to either red, blue or green. When you stare at the red dildo, the image is hitting one area of your retina. After a while, the red receptors in that area get "tired" and sort of switch off. When you look at the black and white drawing, the receptors donít function as well, so it throws your visionís ďcolor balanceĒ out of whack. The information from all of the different color receptors is not in balance and you see the color afterimages. Donít worry, you wonít have a dildo burned onto your retina forever. The afterimage fades as the color receptors return to normal.



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